The must have modern Indian kitchen appliances you should know

The must have modern Indian kitchen appliances you should know

The must-have modern Indian kitchen appliances you should know

Cooking is an art, not an everyday household work. It involves several activities like blending, chopping, grinding, mixing, frying, etc. before a meal can be prepared. Today,  we are going to talk about modern Indian kitchen appliances that making it easier for the cook to complete these tedious and time-consuming activities without too much hassle.

The kitchen is the most vital part of your home, one that is responsible for your nourishment — a place where all the raw food products you buy are churned into the scrumptious meals you consume to sate your appetite after a long hard day at work.

A kitchen has become a place of luxury and comfort with the introduction of modern appliances. A modern kitchen is incomplete without gadgets.

However, to enjoy a variety of delectable meals, your kitchen needs to be well stocked with the proper equipment.
With some adequate research, a properly stocked kitchen can function as a mini restaurant, covering a wide range of food and drinks to satisfy the taste buds of the family and guests.

Let’s know about the must-have modern Indian kitchen appliances.

1. A Refrigerator:

This one is a no-brainer, a fridge is an absolute necessary appliance that forms the cornerstone of your fridge which is why it’s at the top in the list of kitchen essentials.
You need food to make food, and the fridge is the ultimate storage for it. Any raw materials you buy will not rot for a much longer time, which means you can buy in bulk and store away the excess for a time you need it.
Your fruits and vegetables will be kept fresh. Also, there are many other uses, such as when preparing cold dishes such as ice cream and other desserts where the freezer compartment is used to cool down or even freeze the food.
You can also use it to freeze water into ice and use ice trays to make ice cubes to make cold drinks to enhance your dining experiences. You may also want to invest in a deep freezer, as this will improve your storage space for items such as meat etc.

The refrigerator has a freezer compartment which can store the food for weeks and months safely without getting spoilt. It saves food from microbial growth. It keeps the food away from insects and rodents.

It uses a large amount of energy It releases a gas which causes global warming Food items stored in the refrigerator with an open lid are exposed to the chances of microbial multiplication

The list of appliances available in the market today is endless. However, it is you who needs to decide which ones are suitable for your modern kitchen on the basis of your requirements.

2. Juicers

A juicer is one of the most needed kitchen appliances as well, and a solid addition to your culinary repertoire. These appliances are great for squeezing citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons to extract some fresh juice.
The best part is that the machine does all the hard work for you, saving you all that unwanted physical labor. Say goodbye to having seeds and pulps in your drink! It is a kitchen appliance which is used to extract fruit, vegetable juice, green vegetables, and many other things. It squeezes the juice out of the pulp. There are two types of juicers available in the market.

Types of juicer

Centrifugal Juice Extractor

This is the most common type of juicer. It has metal blades at the bottom which spins and separates the juice from the flesh. It separates the juice and the pulp in two different containers. The drawback of this kind of juicer is that it generates so much heat that enzymes present in fruits are killed, reducing the health benefits of juices.
Cold Press Juicer

These are the newer kind of juicers, in which first the fruit or vegetable is crushed and then pressed ensuring that the maximum amount of juice is taken out. As this juicer doesn’t generate much heat, the enzymes are retained.

Helpful and efficient in extracting juice Saves a lot of time When using cross press juicer, the important nutrients and enzymes are also preserved

3. Microwave Oven

If a fridge is very important to keep your food cool, then a microwave is very important for the exact opposite reason. You keep most foods stored cool to keep them fresh, but when it comes to eating, you’ll have to re-heat food already cooked before.
Of course, you can use the microwave for not only heating but cooking certain meals in a variety of ways.
Just turn up the dial to the desired amount you need to be heated, and sit back and enjoy the meal!


It heats the food in much lesser time than a gas burner
It is really helpful in thawing frozen food. The utensil used to heat the food doesn’t get hot unless it is heated for a very long time. Taste of the food doesn’t change when reheated in the microwave. There is very less loss of nutrient the food gets heated uniformly The utensils used in the microwave are easy to clean

One can only use microwave-safe utensils
Microwave radiations emitted during the heating process are absorbed by the food. There are not very good for the human body
It cannot be used to cook everything. Only limited food items can be prepared in a microwave

4. Dishwasher

Working away at the kitchen all day is genuinely hard work, and if you to alleviate some of that extra work, having a good dishwasher does the trick.
This appliance has a dish rack to keep your dishes stored, while the interior of the washer contains a sprayer on the top and bottom, as well as a detergent dispenser to make the plates spotless.
Also, there is a heating element to ensure your dishes are as dry as you like. With such a powerful gadget at your disposal, you can enjoy your meals without the added worry of having to clean up after.

Time Saver. One can load the utensils in the dishwasher before going to work in the morning and would find clean utensils when one returns.
Reduces wastage of Water. Dishwashers typically save up to 10–12 liters of water per day in comparison to washing the utensils by hand. In homes, where water is not available throughout the day or in cities where water is expensive, dishwashers make for a great proposition.

Loading the utensils. One has to place the utensils in their designated slots in order for the dishwasher to work effectively. Though loading the utensils does not take much time, the task of loading becomes a chore some days when one has other priorities.

5. Water Purifier RO

Another very essential item to a kitchen, this appliance can be installed in many places suitable.
The most common would be directly under the sink. Today’s best purifiers use reverse osmosis to remove contaminants, many of which can be very harmful such as chloride, heavy metals, lead and so on.
With the water purifier installed, you’ll have clean water that can come running straight the top of your sink.
Be sure to buy a water purifier that is easy to attach, and works well with the kind of water running in your household.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier is the best solution for treating hard water.

RO water purifier removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which cases the human body to be ill. Lead metal can cause brain damage and anemia.

RO water filter is great for removing commonly found Cryptosporidium in lake, river and public supply water.

Removes essential minerals: RO water purifier removes essential mineral.

Not kills bacteria, viruses:  does not kill waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Water taste altered: As natural minerals are removed water becomes tasteless.

More time to purify: takes too long to the purification of water.

Water wastage: Approximately much more water compared to filtered out water flushed down as wastewater.

Expensive: RO water purifier costlier compared to counterpart water purifiers UV.

Still more on modern Indian kitchen appliances…..

6. Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is a kitchen appliance which is used to beat, stir, and whisk the batter in a bowl. It is a handheld mixer and can be manual or electric.
The Manual handheld is also called a rotary hand beater. One needs two hands to use it. One hand to hold the top of the mixer to keep it steady and the other to operate the crank to beat.
An electric hand mixer is a modern version of the hand mixer. It has a motor and runs with electricity. The motor rotates the beaters and you don’t need to use manual energy to rotate the handle.

Relatively Cheap
Easy to use
Quick and simple to clean
Takes very less storage space in the kitchen
Extremely suitable for quick tasks
There is no fixed bowl, therefore can be used in any kitchen bowl.

One has to physically stand while using the hand mixer.
As it has a smaller motor, it does not have the capability of a stand mixer.
Sometimes there are risks of splashing what you have in the bowl while using the hand mixer as the bowl is not fixed and can slip or slide.
If the batter is thick, then it can get difficult to mix in a bowl.

7. Blender

A blender is an appliance which is used to mix or stir food or other items. A stationary blender has a jar with metal blades at the bottom that function with electricity. It is a hand free stand mixer. Blenders are useful to make many different things. It can be used to prepare soup, juices, puree, smoothies, shakes, bread dough, cake batter, and so many other things.

It can be used with other attachments like pasta roller, crusher, ice cream machine that have been purchased separately.
It is a hands-free mixer. While the mixer is running, you can perform other tasks in the kitchen and you end up preparing food in lesser time.
There is a big stainless steel bowl which minimizes the chances of spilling food around. Hence, less mess will be created.
A blender has different speed options. This feature makes it ideal for all kinds of cooking.
As the stand of the blender is made of stainless steel, it is very durable.

8. Rice Cooker

While this appliance may not stand out as the essential item, one can quite easily acknowledge that rice is an integral food component in many culinary dishes. The rice cooker is built to cook rice in all forms, and in the most efficient way possible.
Due to the digitalized nature of the cooker, you can easily set in the correct measurements and have your rice boiled in the exact amount you want. Say goodbye to over cooked rice!
The appliance also tells you the correct amount of rice needed itself, and so you’ll know how much to put in without any wastage.
Furthermore, the rice cooker will do its job without any needed supervision, allowing you to tend to other priorities.


Rice cookers cook rice to perfection and keep the grains separate. Te easy-to-use programmable settings allow cooking different types of grains like brown rice, white rice, oats, etc. Also, the keep-warm option in the rice cookers allows you to keep the rice warm for 20 mins to 12 hours, depending upon the model.


The disadvantage with rice cookers is that the brown rice doesn’t cook well, it either gets burnt or becomes too gluey. There is much of a cleanup involved than just cleaning a bowl.

9. Coffee Maker

It’s strange how coffee has become such an integral part of almost everyone’s lifestyle now. Many people will actually struggle to get through the day without their morning cup of coffee. That why Coffee Maker is one of the must-have modern Indian kitchen appliances. Many people even have coffee at multiple times throughout the day. This demand for coffee has led to the coffee maker – a quick and convenient solution for heavy coffee drinkers. But are coffee makers really the best choice, or do their disadvantages outweigh their advantages?

First and foremost, the most obvious benefit of a coffee maker is that you will get the same kind of coffee each time you decide to have a cup, there is pretty much no inconsistency since the machine is doing all the work. In addition to this, there are many machines that have a “keep warm” function which allows you to have a cup of hot coffee whenever you please!
If you’re leaning more towards the commercial side and maybe have an office where you deal with your clients then a coffee maker can help you make a great first impression. There are numerous different designs to choose from but it’s safe to say that they all have a very sleek design and convey a feeling of luxury – your clients are sure to think that you are a great businessman and are more likely to do business with you because of that!

The two most major benefits are by far the convenience and the fact that you can benefit from a nice design which is especially important for some people, but there are many more benefits. Just one of these other benefits would be that coffee makers can be very inexpensive and timely in the long-term, we’ll talk about this more in detail in the next section.

The biggest disadvantage with a coffee machine is perhaps the fact that they can be quite expensive in regards to the initial purchase.  Another disadvantage is that coffee machines can sometimes take up a lot of space in the kitchen or in your office and so this can be a huge problem.

10. Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is a sealed container in which food can be prepared at a fast speed in steam pressure. It has a valve which controls the steam pressure that is developed inside the pot.

Food doesn’t lose any nutrient and stays tasty it takes less time to cook. The food is cooked properly there are fewer chances of food getting burnt it saves a lot of energy.
There is not much cleaning work that needs to be done The kitchen temperature doesn’t become too hot it also behaves as a container of what we have cooked.

Food may become softer than expected or desired
Good knowledge of how to use the pressure cooker is needed otherwise accidents can occur

Conclusion: The must-have modern Indian kitchen appliances you should know

Having the above-mentioned items in your kitchen can certainly make your kitchen a happy place.
You would enjoy cooking various things without any frustration or fear of missing out on a dish just because you didn’t have the right appliance for it.

Happy Cooking!

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