Green Neem Soap

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This has been o superb natural soop that has the mixture of Himalayan herbs and natural oils devoid of using tallow and minerals.It brings a very good effect on human skin due to the use of soop.
This soop is natural made of herbs which is more potent approach out of skin and cleans the skin accurately. On account of this reason toxins start coming out of skin.
According to the research and bizarre genuine source there have been supple spotless spick and span venerable skin.
This is a medicated soop ,having been made of Himalayan herbs and natural aromatic oils. It remains in the hole of skin after having a shower. If this soop is used frequently. It will not be bringing a problem on skin aliments owing to germicidal effect .

1. Azadirachta indica (Neem ) sapindus mukurassi
2. (Rittha)Acacia nilotica (sikakai) embilica afficinalis (Amala)
3. Artemisia vulgaris (Titepoti) green tea Extract &n natural Essential oils

How to use Green Neem Soap?
1. It is 100% vegetarian soop with no animal fat content.
2. Since it is based on Neem herbs mainly. It is highly beneficial for skin.
3. Besides cleansing skin and body. It is highly effective in inhibiting abd removing germs due to anti-bacterial and anti fungal effect of herbs used in it.
4. It is non taxic as it is free farm any harmful chemical .
5. It is helpful in controlling the oil content in the skin viz sebum.
6. It ultimately keeps skin healthy . soft and attractive as well.

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