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It is an excellent natural soap having mixture of Himalayan herbs and natural oils without using tallow and minerals. There has been bad effect on human skin due to the use of soap made of tallow and natural aromatic oils. The soap found in the open market has sodium lauryl suphate – SLS which makes natural oils stronger come out from skin and blocks the hole of skin.

Thanks to this reason, Toxins cannot come out of skin; subsequently, it brings a big skin ailment. In accordance with the research and different authentic sources, there have been constant allergy, eye-aching and different skin ailments on account of using this kind of soap regularly.

It is also found that people could be suffered with cancer after using the soap continuously according to the authentic sources. It has been learnt that some people’s problems are caused by allergy to tallow.
Morning Fresh, medicated soap has been made of Himalayan herbs and natural aromatic oils. It remains in the hole of skin after having a shower. If this soap is used regularly, there will be no problem on skin ailments due to germicial effect.

Why this soap is in need of?

1. To Remove Dirts and Grimes:
Through outer dirts and grimes of body have been xed by the soap made of tallow and minerals oils. It blocks the hole of skin, as a result, the dirts through sweat cannot come out. And Morning Fresh doesn’t harm at all so, all outer and inner dirts have been xed from body.

2. To be Refreshed:
Sadly speaking, most of the soaps sold in the open market are made of synthetic oils with different colours. We feel fresher after using it, is NOT natural. In Morning Fresh, there have been only himalayan herbs and natural aromatic oils which give complete freshness after having a shower.

3. To Treat Minor Skin Ailments:
It is already clarified that using sodium Lauryl Sulphate and tallow made soap brings the problems of pimple mange, Exzeme, Ringworm, Acne Itch on the skin. But in Morning Fresh, there have been the use of Himalayan herbs and natural aromatic oils in place of using such ingredients that’s why; it solves the skin’s problem with more effective.

“The Advantages of Morning Fresh”

  • Makes skin delicate and soft.
  • Is useful for sun-burnt skin, Boil, Dandruff, Pimples, Exzeme, Ringworm and Wounds and so on.
  • Is more useful and effective for boil on child’s head, bliser and so on.

Some crucial information to know
1. We shouldn’t claim that this soap is anti-dandruff for hair because that there is no soap made of anti-dandruff so far for hair but made of anti-dandruff for only the skin. It might help for hair dandruff due to the use of Himalayan herbs.
2. There has been a mark of dandruff on face and other parts of the body owing to the problem of the digestive system, at Morning Fresh avoids the marks at that situation but it definitely avoids. The marks of dandruff due to UV radiation, using low standard cream and lotion after using it constantly.
3. If there is a problem of allergy on the skin. It could by natural aromatic oils because there have been no guarantees of favoring all the people by the use of herbs. Remember that if it should be stopped using if problem is not saved until 7 days.
In Conclusion, We believe that we will be having delicate, healthy and beautiful lives if Morning Fresh is used regularly.

1. Green Tea extract
2. Artemisia vulgaris
3. Juniperus communis
4. Acoru calamus
5. Bacopa monnieri
6. Cedrus deodara
7. Conandrum sativum
8. Cuminum cyminum
9. Foeniculum vulgare
10. Glycyrrhiza glabra
11. Hollarrhena antidysenterica
12. Embilica officinalis
13. Zingiber officinale
14. Psoralea corylifolia
15. Azadirachta indica
16. terocarpus santalinus
17. Embelia ribes
18. Smilax china
19. Curcuma longa
20. Andrograhis peniculata
21. Commiphora mukul
22. Trachyspermum roxburghianum.

Instructions for application
This soap can be used like other soaps, but you have to at least 4-5 minutes massage into the skin with soapsuds to be fresher.
If you have skin ailments you are in need of using twice a day for a month regularly.Don’t use other soaps in the course of using this soap, otherwise, there will be no positive result what you have expected for.

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