Organic Leaf Tea(50 Grams)

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Why Organic ?

Having seen the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the world is slowly reverting back to natural ways of nourishment without adulteration by chemicals. The resulting produced is said to provide a fuller and richer taste beside being healthier for consumption. This tea is cultivated using nature’s solutions for pest control and environmental protection. Tea is planted and harvested according to lunar cycles to extract the healthiest crop with the most stimulating flavor.

Catechines (Anti Oxidant),Carotene,Flavonols,Fluoride (Fluorine),Glycosides,Magnesium,Polysaccharide,Saponia,Selenium,Theanine,Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin),Vitamin C,Vitamin E,Caffeine

How To use?

  • Place 200ml water at 70-80C in a glass, tea pot, vessel, cup or container.
  • Dip tea bag in water for 4-5 min. Shake the tea leaf.
  • Now tea is ready to serve.
  • Take some sip, rinse mouth and swallow.
  • Tea bag can be place on stressed and strained eyes from light, computer works etc.
  • It cools and relaxes eyes. How to use Tea Bag ?

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