Oral Care Toothpaste

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Many people simply have sensitive teeth. They use junk food and hot or cold foods like coffee or ice cream because of less time. Therefore eating these foods cause the teeth to ache and be painful.
Nature Oral Care is one of the best Tooth Paste among other Tooth pastes which helps to protect the teeth and maintain the gums and its natural colour. Nature Orcal care is made up of Natural herbs and oils.


    • Cavity Protection.
    • Stops bleeding from gums.
    • Helps to maintain the natural color of the teeth.
    • Helps to prevent from teeth cancer.
    • Keeps breath fresh for hours.


Organic Green Tea extracts, Neem extracts, Peppermint and Spermint Oil, Clove Oil, Aneseed Oil, Calcium Carbonate and Fluoride, Glycerine etc.

How To use?

Use Oral care twice a day for 3 minutes with soft brush.

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